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Originally Posted by happycats View Post
I don't know, looks good, but says my dog would need 3-4 cups a day, with Orijen I only need half that amount, so I don't know if it would even be worth it.
Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
Looking at the chart the Bassets' would need 4 - 5 cups per day, currently they get 2 cups of Acana per day with some canned/cooked added and they are still overweight ...........I don't trust Menu Foods though
I agree ....I also would have to feed my boys twice as much according to their chart so not worth it imo.

I also wouldn't feed it because of the manufacturer I've said over and over here "it is best to feed something that is made at the company's own manufacturing plant.

Originally Posted by Chaser View Post
Horizon isn't actually cheaper at my Global than Orijen.
Horizon Legacy wasn't cheaper than Orijen here either the last time I looked. We've had to switch to Acana Provincial (and sometimes regular Acana) because of our income situation right now but once that hopefully improves then I want to start rotating Legacy with the Orijen.
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