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Oh im not expecting her to be 100 % housetrained this young. Its just she hadnt had not one accident until two days ago. I was just wondering why the sudden change. she was doing soooo good. Although the crate was a different story. shes been peeing in her box from day one since we got her. I dont know what else to do to break her from peeing in her box. I had someone tell me to let her start sleeping with me and not use the box. But then again i was told not to let her sleep with us. Would she pee in our bed if i let her start sleeping with us. Prolly huh??? I can handle the accidents in the house, its just if i dont get her broke from peeing in her crate now, its never gonna stop.

And as for the water issue. Thats what i was told to do. Take her water away after a certain time in the evening. I didnt know that was wrong. Its just some advice i was given.
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