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Originally Posted by pdaddy View Post
It was my understanding that eye contact is threatening, and experience seems to bear that out. When I look at her she visibly tenses and will flee before I get within 6 feet. If I don't look at her she allows me to get closer, and sometimes I can even get my hand close enough for her to sniff. She will also approach me sometimes when I am not looking, but backs away fast as soon as a look at her.
Maybe it's because you're so tall. My sister's husband is very tall and they had a dog that was frighten of him the whole time they had her. I only know that my dogs never mind me making eyes contact with them and never felt threaten by it. Have you thought of going to a dog behaviorist to see if they can help you understand your dog better? Try not to let your dog know you're setting frustrated , she will pickup on that and will not want to get close to you.

I took Marty to playground and to be groomed and asked a vet if it was OK for a person to made eyes contact with their dog and the vet it was fine , but if you do not know the dog it could taken as a threat and you should never made eyes contact with a wild animal. Maybe it would help to have a dog behaviorist watch you and your dog together and give you some suggestions .

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