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Originally Posted by pdaddy View Post
Thanks for the further responses. I am definitely tall (and have never smoked), but I always talk to her in a happy voice, I avoid eye contact, and generally try to make any exposure to me as positive as possible.

I just don't get her at all. I have been around dogs most of my life (at one point while I was growing up we had 6 dogs in the house!), and have never had an issue with any of them until now. Even a daft old Basset Hound we acquired - who had a great dislike for men in general - soon found a soft spot for me. We've had Pearl for over 6 months now, and there is no real sign of things changing.
Don't feel discouraged, our puppy who is currently 7 1/2 months, its also very shy with me too, he follows my boy friend everywhere, but not me, I feed him, clean him, walk him but when we are home he wont come to me much, even if I have toys in my hand, if I throw them he takes them back to N, not me. He kisses everyone he meets, but I don't get much kisses from him. I think it could be because he feels the bigger connection I have to my other dog, but I just let him be... and some days out of nowhere he just comes to lay down right next to me.
Dogs don't need to talk, their life is their message ~ unknown.

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