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Good idea

[QUOTE=Melinda;987734]I give my 70 pound dog 1000 mg of glucosamine and 400 mg of chondroitin sulfate daily with her food/QUOTE]

I do have both in my larder.

I will start using it for Sadie (and me) but I am going to wait a week or two to see how the SierraSil works. If it does, I will still use it but will add the G/C as well.

I wonder if MS would be good to add.

I am always concerned about giving animals things I am not sure of. When I discovered Xylitol, I gave Sadie about 1/8th tsp but when I saw she had back stools, I backed off and did the research. Found out there was evidence that it might do liver damage. Though some other study didn't find the same results, I wouldn't take a chance with it.

Namaste, Melinda. I've heard many good reports about G/C but forgot about them.
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