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Soloxine dosage reduced for my beagle

Hi all,

For those of you whose vets say that your dog's behavior is due to the soloxine working, I highly suggest you get a 2nd opinion or insist on having more bloodwork done.

My beagle has been on .3 mg of Soloxine twice a day for roughly 6 weeks. I noticed a difference right away as far as his energy levels went. After 4 weeks, he had bloodwork done (T4) to make sure he was receiving the right dosage and at that time, his thyroid levels were normal (3.9 from his previous .4) and we continued happily with the dosage.

After another week, I noticed that he was drinking more and asking to be let out much more often than normal (every hour from noon to 6pm!). His skin became dry and flaky, had upset stomach and went from energetic to frenetic and downright anxious. I called my vet and they had me bring him in the next day. Further bloodwork showed that his thyroid levels are now at 6.0 - way too high. His dosage is now cut in half so I'm hoping that his symptoms will soon be resolved. I was told that I should notice a difference within 2 or 3 days.

Thank goodness I have a wonderful vet that takes my inquiries seriously.
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