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What breed is our puppy?

Last night at puppy class, hubby and I were approached by someone there who asked us what breed our puppy, Byron, is. We responded that we know that his mum is a golden, but were told that his dad is a black lab. The lady said that she was surprised because he looks very much like a flat coat retriever that she used to have. It got me thinking and I googled some photos and lo-and-behold the pictures I saw could have been Byron! So now I am wondering what our furbaby is! The Flat Coat Retriever’s temperament has been described by some websites as “on the go outdoors, but quiet indoors…” which is exactly what Byron is (to this day, hubby and I are very surprised to note how quiet he is indoors! He rarely barks and is quite calm—most of the time—for a puppy).

So anyhoo, I have attached pictures, so see for yourself! What do you think?

Sidenote: These pictures were taken when he was 3 months old. He is now 4 months and all that has changed is that he is taller and his tail has fanned out a bit more.
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