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I have been feeding Percy all winter. Sometimes he hung around with my cats in the alley, always staying at a safe distance, no interaction. At least twice a day he would arrive on the back porch for his food but would never let me touch him. He got bitten on the shoulder and started limping. Of course I wondered about infection but there didn't seem to be any way he would let me help him. Then one bitterly cold day I found him crouched on the windowsill and took my chance, expecting to be mauled. Apart from a hiss or two, he came quietly.

He is a sweet, patient boy and has obviously been a pet. As the vet was examining him for the first time, he was scratching him behind the ears (my favourite vet) and Percy just leaned into his hand, loving every second.

Unfortunately, he must stay in the bathroom until I can find a home. A couple of the more docile cats have spent time with him; he greets them with this little murmur and leans forward for a nose rub (not always granted). However, letting him into the apartment is just asking for trouble. He got out yesterday and the ensuing melee had me mentally counting back to when I had my last tetanus shot. They would have done him serious damage had I not been there and taken a couple of bites for the cause.

He is a big, healthy boy, vacc'd and snipped. His wound closed beautifully, although we put him on Clamavox as a precaution. He is being wormed, with two monthly doses still outstanding.

So if anyone has a soft spot for greys and would like to spring Percy from his prison, just say the word .
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