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Ever since I brought Alley, kitten, into the house, both of the kitties have taken it upon themselves to hang out on the kitchen counters. I wouldn't mind if they kept to one side, but they're everywhere on the counters, including the stove top, even when we are cooking!

I couldn't take it anymore, so I ordered the SSScat. It's an aerosol motion sensored device that you can put on your counters - when it senses the cat is there, it will spray a non toxic citronella mist at them. You can check out their site here for video shots.

I ordered it last Wednesday and it came to my house on Monday!

I have to say, well worth the money - at first I didn't think it was going to work, but then both cats jumped on the counter, and they both got a jolt when the spray went off! I love my kitties dearly, but I have to say, it was hilarious seeing them get sprayed! Of course, Alley didn't learn (), so she jumped up there again, and got sprayed again.

The cool thing about it is that it keeps spraying for as long as the cat (or, in one case, my arm) is detected by the sensor - which is great for Alley - who laughs in the face of squirt bottles that only squirt one bit of water at a time.

Plus it's completely mobile so you can put it in other areas you don't want them to go.

After getting sprayed about 3 times, they haven't been up there since! The funny thing is, after the first time, they spent about half an hour just looking up at the counter, wondering why it suddenly sucked to be up there!

Although a bit pricy if you order it, it's worth it. I give the Ssscat

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