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Originally Posted by lawrie View Post
Thank you both of you for caring enough to write to me and sending me your clear-sighted reactions. I think the vet sedated dani because he wanted to make money immediately from the microchip. It's very rare for cats to die from sedation: so he didn't even think of the risk. I'll never ever ever let a vet do that in front of me again. I got so close to saving dani from a cruel and callous culture. Imagine, a perfect Persian cat abandoned in the streets - the vet's wife and her 'team' trawling the streets once a month with chicken and rice and poison because she is the health control officer - the guards at the gates, a million times crueler than her because the neighbors don't like Life in their nice clean streets: this place is a nightmare. I nearly saved him: but we fell at the last obstacle. I feel so bad about that: imagine dragging dani out dead from under the bed. For an hour i imagined he was still breathing because i couldn't accept he was dead: i never had such a sweet-natured cat and he was so incredibly happy and of course me too that we had found each other at last
that is so insane to being putting poison food on the streets , Egypt poverty rate is high from what I understand . A child could pick up the food and eat. I agree that vet had $$$ signs in his eyes and there are vets like this in the states too. It's very sad what happen to you cat. I wonder if that vet was license to practice .
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