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Thank you both of you!

Thank you both of you for caring enough to write to me and sending me your clear-sighted reactions. I think the vet sedated dani because he wanted to make money immediately from the microchip. It's very rare for cats to die from sedation: so he didn't even think of the risk. I'll never ever ever let a vet do that in front of me again. I got so close to saving dani from a cruel and callous culture. Imagine, a perfect Persian cat abandoned in the streets - the vet's wife and her 'team' trawling the streets once a month with chicken and rice and poison because she is the health control officer - the guards at the gates, a million times crueler than her because the neighbors don't like Life in their nice clean streets: this place is a nightmare. I nearly saved him: but we fell at the last obstacle. I feel so bad about that: imagine dragging dani out dead from under the bed. For an hour i imagined he was still breathing because i couldn't accept he was dead: i never had such a sweet-natured cat and he was so incredibly happy and of course me too that we had found each other at last
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