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Originally Posted by SnowDancer View Post
Re KC, certainly there are so many different strains of it, but in 1977 our Beagle almost died from KC - no antibiotics then to treat it. Although our current dog did catch KC in 2007, he was immediately started on vet prescribed cough suppressants and it was over in 2 days. The KC shot does help with the recovery apparently, regardless of the strain. Those cough suppressants were great - I am allergic to anti-histamines and cough suppressants and was jealous! I do keep Benedryl on hand just in case for my guy, but no doubt I would be the one to suffer a bee sting. My Eskie will turn 5 April 1 and has been very healthy.
Sorry to hear about your Beagle. That's really sad
The thing about the Bortadella shot is that even tho they get the vaccine for KC they can still get KC.
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