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my 11 yr old diabetic cat was dxg's with asthma. she has been given an antibotic for inflammation in her traciea and put on steriods. after a week of not getting better the vet gave her a shot of steriods (to last 4-6 weeks) still not better after a week so she precscribed theophillin and some lasix's for the fluid on her lungs.

my cat is moaning constantly and especially after she eats. she wants to hide all the time and cries out when we pick her up to give her the meds. she will barely eat anything. she is very inactive. i feel that she is in pain and wonder if there could be something else going on. i have told my vet that she is in pain and is miserable but she insist that she is just uncomforable.

should i get a second opinion? i would go to the ends of the earth for my cat but seeing her like this i cannot handle.

thank you.
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