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hey i was gunna do that

hey you beat me, i couldnt fit them in my last thanks post.
the Urwin family have been a saving grace for many years in australia. steves wonderful father first began this work many years ago, steve has learnt all his moral and love of animal from his dear farther who with his wife raised a top bloke, his father is someone i would say was one of the founders of modern day australian conservation.
he was a man who laid the foundation for what was to become a very successful conservation project that is stronger and bigger than ever before. not only have they saved many species esp reptile, but they have raised awareness and understanding of many species including the croc, which was once considered nothing but a problem to be shot or made into shoes.
their desires to include conservation with tourism and environmental education has had such success and is part of a new begining for tourism development in australia, the continuaiton of their wonderful work will not only raise awareness but go a long way to establishing a 'sustainable' (for want of better word) future for tourism, the conservation of australia and its inhabitants.

australias environment is a huge mess totally stuffed, in the past 200yrs since white invasion we have lost over 1000 known animal species and gosh knows how many unknown speices of animal, insect, reptile, bird etc.and plant, and getting worse daily, with the efforts of these amazing ppl who knows, maybe all is not lost. there is hope on the horizon of my heart. australia may just be savable due to the efforts of these ppl and many more unamed hardworking conservationists.

thank you terri and steve and the Urwin family past and present
REDUCE, RETHINK, REUSE, RECYCLE.. "We only Conserve what we love, We love only what we understand, we understand only what were taught"- David Suzuki....NO WAR.
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