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I can add some more to this thread.. I've been working on bringing up puppies from kill shelters to NJ. In New Jersey, only 8,000 dogs were euthanized last year in the entire state in all the shelters reporting.So with the ones not reporting we could say give or take 10,000 total. All of the animal control shelters were reporting though and of course they are going to have the greatest intake and most euthanized (in general).

Recently I witnessed a transport coming up from Georgia. All of the puppies (and a few dogs) on the transport would otherwise have been gassed, heartsticked, or just euthanized.

If you think it doesn't happen, think again. Playful little puppies and cuddly little kittens are euthanized EVERY DAY. It is estimated that every 3.3 seconds an animal is killed in the US because of pet overpopulation. In the time it's taken you to read this we would have a room full of dead bodies by now.

If you think because an animal is purebreed or anything like that it will never end up in a shelter, think again. I've seen purebreed persians, himalayans, chihuahuas, terriers, mastiffs, st. bernards, beagles,poodles .. etc etc.

Oh I should mention.. that would be JUST at MY ONE shelter That's not including the other various ones I've seen on the internet and such.

That being said... just please spay and neuter. If you can't afford a one time operation for your pet then there's something wrong with that. I understand some vets charge a bundle but really, for the cost it takes to pay for litter after litter and the risks with pregnancies and all this put together... don't buy yourself those new pair of dress shoes and instead get your pet fixed.. please.
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