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Trinitie - YES! What's the name? They may very well be hanging out in the bushes at the back of our yard, but that's too far for me to see from the house, and they probably scatter when I get close enough to see them. Where did you find that picture?

Raingirl, I wish it was a scarlet tanager! Beautiful! I regret that I can't have a yard full of mature trees. I'd love to attract a bunch of orioles and cardinals. :love: My brother's old house was a great place to bird watch because of all the mature trees. His new house is in a new development - nothing but scrawny saplings and burnt grass. We have a great mature maple tree on our front lawn, but that's not enough to attract the rarer birds.

I have seen some neat species while driving around the neighborhood, though. I've seen kingfishers by the river that runs past the golf course, and I swear I saw a bluebird once (no, not a blue jay, a wee bluebird). We gets lots of wild turkeys, some sort of hawks, oodles of finches & sparrows & robins & swallows & starlings ... Can anyone recommend a good birdwatching book??
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