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if you really want to be polite and very PC try not putting MEAT in it, ewww yuck. think of that poor vegetatian that did not hear the host say it had meat, the lights are dim, they cnat see well, they take a nice big dip into your sauce, and then bammmmoooooo, their hit with it, ewww, they will never come back and blame the host (i would anyways ). and you cant have salsa without avocado, now thats unheard of

mine/mums/sisters salsa recepie goes like this, and i have never taken any home or threw any out thats for sure-

you can buy salsa in a bottle these days, and you can choose the spicyness. there are a million to try, jsut choose.

you put the salsa dip in the bottom of the bowl, take fresh avacados and mash them up, dolop the mash out on the salsa, spread it out but leave a slight color of red salsa aroudn the side, add cheese on top and garnish with a nice sprig of parsley,.

mash about 7 avacados
add 1 red onion chopped sml,
add a splash of tobasco sauce to taste
add slat and pepper to taste,
chop up 2 tomatos into little cubes
and mix it all up,
serve in a bowl with chees grated on top, that way you get a nice salsa/avacado/cheese mix, yuuuuuummmmm serve with corn chips or plain rice crackers

and always always remember - no dish ever looks complete (even if it tastes crap) without a nice garnish, parsley or red and green basil are just so darn gosh perty (cant ya hear the accent ).

(should not be doing this, am drinking beer and salsa is such a good beer recepie, oh me soooo hungry now, better check whats in that cupboard??)
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