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This is my "7" layer mexican dip

1 cup sour cream
1 brick cream cheese
2 cups grated old cheddar (or a blend of cheese of your choice)
1 cup green/red/yellow peppers chopped (I like green, but the others are sweeter)
1 cup sweet onion chopped (I usually omit because I'm not a fan of raw onion, but if you soak in a lemon juice/vinegar mix then rinse, it takes away the harshness of the onion)
1 tin of refried beans or black beans (if you want to make taco meat instead, that is fine too)
1 jar of favorite salsa.

1. soften the cream cheese to room temp and blend with the sour cream with a hand mixer until combined. This is the first layer.
2. layer the chopped peppers next
3. layer the onions next
4. layer the beans next
5. layer the salsa next
6. layer the cheese last

I's technically 6 layers, as the first two are mixed.

Make at LEAST 24 hours in advance. I use a lasagna pan as it works the best. Refridgerate for 24 hours, then serve as the flavours all mix together.

I think the onions and peppers really make this dip as they add a crispyness/crunchyness that other dips don't have.
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