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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
I think you have the Polemonium carneum which is a Jacob's Ladder but it is a clumping one, not a spreading. That's the nearest I could get to guessing. Your last one looks like a mallow of some sort. Not sure though. Could be Lavatera like Frenchy's. The first one I thought at first glance was Guara but it's not. Guara has a more delicate flower stalk and lower leaves. I am stumped. Got a headache looking at all my books though.
I had guara last year...grew up near the cistern...but this year it seems to have been smothered out by the grasses and the shrubs that are filling in over there. But this is definitely not guara. The guara was much taller and looked like:

Name:  Cistern 2007 - Biennial gaura 9-17-07.jpg
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Originally Posted by otter View Post
Hmmmm, mine isn't "creeping" either, just one bushy plant. I didn't read the back of the card when I took the picture, maybe it says something about how it grows... when it's light again i'll go take a look. Maybe it only "creeps" in certain conditions Maybe it "creeps" by the roots and send up shoots elsewhere? Mine is all surrounded by other plants so any "creeping" might be curtailed. Who knows! It's all a mystery to me
Mine is surrounded, too...towered over by phlox and crowded by impatiens... So maybe that is why it's not 'creeping'... But then again, we may just have the kind that Polemonium carneum variety that 14+ mentioned... I'll have madame hazel check her crystal ball in the morning...

The thing I like best about the plant (besides it being pretty) is that I haven't managed to kill it yet!
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