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I bought this book a while ago and it has many good remedies in it. The Doctors Book of "Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats", by the Editors of PREVENTION MAGAZINE HEATH BOOKS. I quote from the book, keep his ears clean. Ear infections are a common cause of bad odors, says Lisa Degen, D.M.V., a veterinarian in private practice in Florida. While ear infections require a veterinarian's care, you can help prevent them by washing your dog's ears. Dogs prone to problems may need to have their ears scrubbed as often as once a week. Dr. Degen recommends mixing one part white vinegar with two parts water, then gently flushing the ear with a bulb syringe. Rub the ear gently to distribute the liquid, then wipe with a cotton ball. (My comment), washing the ears daily probably has made it worse and steroids are dangerous. Make it a "fun" experience for your dog by giving him his favorite treats and perhaps you need a second person to help.
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