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Hi suzyb991

I've had the same problem with chronic ear problems with my dog. Pendulous ears, and with the cocker breed the canal is not straight too. He had an ear culture done and it's a yeast infection he's prone too. My vet could do this and get the results immediately, and the cost was negligible. One thing you can try with no risk is cut out corn, soy and particularly wheat from his diet, to see if it makes a difference. It's commonly the problem. Could be sensitivity to something else too but those are really common.

Just to reinforce this, he got into half a loaf of whole wheat bread while I was out, (moldy too, blech was supposed to go in the compost). This morning he had an itching episode and when I came home for lunch he was so inflamed that his head was tilted and his ears are still really sore to the touch. (I've made an appointment to check him)
What are you using to clean them, sometimes too much cleaning can cause problems too I found, as the skin might get irritated and then susceptible to bacterial infection. Diluted vinegar is a good cleaner for not disrupting the natural balance of the ear.
As the others said pinpointing the type of infection is key.
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