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hi- rgw- ilive in nyc,ny and I havea eldercat 14/15 who was dx on 9/17 with hyperthrodism. a 100.00 blood rpt and 25.00 exam fee from a med van who sees dogs/cats for poor peoples, so u can imagine how expensive it is to live in the BIG APPLE. my boy is on megamazole -a human pill for his thyroid. old cats get this, when u go to pet meds which I recommend-they do deliver to Canada. stop giving pumpkin, I gave it to my dog ONLY when he was constipated. most owners know its good for that problem maybe that is why your cat is having diahrea? I gave coco a spoonful in his wet food at night and the next day he went great. as we agge we and animals break down, they get a lot of what we get even cancer. I have breast cancer and I caught it in time. I want tto say my dog coco had a mct gd2 and he was done in 2009 and it gave him 5 more yrs he died this past jan/2014. I have to give my boy his pill now 1/2 mg 5mg daily 2x a day. its a lot to handle. I was a animal rescuer for 5 yrs I rescued many strays-dogs and cats and id all the hard work of getting them fixed and shots raising the monies on my lunch hour to give to the vet. as much as I cry and miss him a lot I can not put myself thru anymore emotional baggage of his losing a animal. its too devasting besides the monall I have now is esau left and no more cleaning litter boxes and run to the vets. check hisood luck. rt1. gethea diet. u can reach me as sweetheart1-lydia.
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