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What flavours of Fancy Feast? Many contain fish products, which can be a problem for cats. Is your kitty willing to try any other canned foods that have better quality ingredients?

I would also recommend mixing a pinch (like less than 1/4 tsp) of slippery elm bark powder into each meal. It helps sooth an inflamed intestinal tract. Considering all the antibiotics she's been on, a high potency, dairy-free probiotic containing multiple organism strains would also be a really good idea. This can also be mixed into her food (but start small and work up to about 2-4 billion CFUs per meal - so for instance, 1/4 to 1/2 capsule of an 8-10 billion CFU potency brand). If you need help choosing a probiotic, let me know. If she's in any way a finicky eater though, make sure to introduce these things in minute quantities first so you don't put her off her food. Probiotics are usually easily tolerated by cats, but at her age you don't want to risk a drop in calories. You can also try mixing the SEB and probiotics into a tasty treat like plain meat baby food.

Good luck!
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