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Originally Posted by RGW View Post
The best food we can find based on our limited options is Purina One Beyond for dry food and Fancy Feast Classic for wet food.
Can I make a suggestion? Is there any possibility of ditching the dry food altogether? The Purina kibble still has ingredients that could potentially be problematic for a kitty with an overly reactive digestive system. There's soy, yeast, egg, and quite a few grains. If you could go 100% wet, and perhaps even a raw diet if that's at all an option, I think your cat might really benefit.

Hazelrunpack's suggestion of probiotics is excellent - look for something with a high number of colony forming units (CFUs), in the billions, and a wide variety of strains, preferably dairy-free; and also pick up some slippery elm bark powder. I find it works better than pumpkin for firming up loose stool. Just a pinch (1/4 tsp) twice a day mixed with wet food is usually all it takes.
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