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First thing that stands out there is the lymphocytes are out of normal low. Lymphocytes being low commonly occur in stressful situations - being at the vet is the #1 cause of low lymphocytes also viral infections, chronic bacterial infection and Cancers will also cause low lymphocytes.

ALP 91 (10-90) Alkaline Phosphatase An enzyme produced by the biliary tract (liver). High levels indicate bone disease, liver disease or bile flow blockage.

An ALP elevation is definitely suggestive of liver disease and requires follow up testing such as a bile acids liver function test

ALT 148 (20-100) Alanine aminotransferase An enzyme that becomes elevated with liver disease

ALT & AST These enzymes elevate relatively easily and are not as important in liver evaluation as ALP elevations but a substantial increase may also warrant follow up liver testing. In the event of hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver, the elevation in ALP is often dramatic

Aside from the recent vomiting due to the de-wormer, has she had diarreah and or vomiting often in the past especially since the weight loss?

I would suggest asking your vet about a Free T4 test and Bile Acids Liver function test. I would be more inclined to ask for an ultrasound rather than xrays, granted it is more expensive but also, more conclusive as they can get accurate measurements for the thickness of the walls of intestines (in cases of IBD) and size, shape and condition of liver, kidneys, pancreas etc. An ultrasound also allows them to check closer into any area of concern that was not previously noted right away, where an xray usually would require a second set if they wished to examine something closer or they would suggest an ultrasound.

An increase in ALT is not associated with HyperT but can be elevated in cases of Liver disease incl but not limited to Hepatic Lipidosis (fatty liver which is a quite serious condition), pancreatitis or IBD. Based on symptoms it doesn't sound like pancreatitis.

A free T4 is more definitive than the regular T4 test, often times if the Thyroid is over active it can mask the symptoms of others such as kidney issues

With the low lymphocytes and the elevated ALT I would be inclined to look closer at IBD as the cause of the symptoms
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