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Hypertheroid Symptoms...Tests Say No

I have a cat who's almost sixteen. She weighed as much as 20 pounds ten years ago. She had surgery to remove a long-growing tumor in December, at that time she weighed 12 pounds. She recovered from the surgery well, but continues to lose weight. Today she weighed in at almost 9 pounds. She has all of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism -- she has a healthy appetite, still has energy, and drinks a lot of water. The vet did several tests of her blood today and says it isn't hyperthyroidism. He said her blood tests were very good, except for a slightly elevated number in her liver (140 instead of 100).
If if isn't hyperthyroidism, if her blood work is fine, what could it be? The vet wants to see her again in a month to possibly run x-rays. She did have diarrhea for a week or two after her surgery, but that was almost 4 months ago. Shouldn't she have gained the weight back?
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