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Okay, I realize this was posted some time ago, but I will still give a response.

It is normal for rats to have dominance issues. I have two male rats and they seem to go back and forth about who is going to be the most dominant. They will sometimes 'fight' but it is only for a second or two, you will hear squeaking, but not long after they are sleeping on each other and grooming each other. They have been together for over a year now and no one has done any serious damage. It is the nature of rats to have a dominant member in the cage.

Rats also have their own personalities. One of our rats is very outgoing and loves to be handled, while the other is more tenative and startles very easily. Every rat is different, just like people are different. There are a ton of really good rat websites on the internet that have a wealth of infomration that you will find useful. I would suggest checking a few out.
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