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Question "Anxiety wrap" product

I was sniffing around this site that Luba linked to (thanks again) and found this product, which peaked my curiosity as I have a very anxious, scaredy-dog. Thunderstorms are the worst for her! She has a crate which is her safe place and she comes and goes from is as she pleases. This anxiety wrap seems like something that might give her a little security, but does anyone have thoughts about/experiences with this sort of product? Or how you would use it to train?

This is what is written in the product description:
The Anxiety Wrap uses a technique called "maintained pressure" to aid in calming your animal thereby allowing your dog to redirect their focus. When used with gentle training methods, the Anxiety Wrap can significantly reduce thunder phobia, barking, and other behaviors that would benefit from calming.

There's a whole lot more written, but I figure the longer the post, the less it gets read!

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