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The Tennis ball and the sheet

I want to tell you a story about Sasha's last swimming weekend. This was before her surgery... She loves her toys and balls..

I was doing some trailer cleaning and pulled out two sheets that I use to cover the couch and the bed, I shook them out, Sasha was off her leash and playing with a tennis ball I thought how fun it would be to have her try to get the ball out from under the sheet. The first time she was able to get it out the second time she took off with the ball and sheet in her mouth and started running with it. Absolutly hilarious her pulling this sheet around the area, then she got hot and had to go to the water...yep with the sheet and ball in her mouth down she goes gets wet and pulling the sheet around in the water with her. Before I could get the camera she was up and running again, I got the sheet and hung it out to dry. At least she brought the sheet back out of the water with her I did not have to go fishing for it. She makes me laugh......patti
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