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Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
you guys are too funny

ok ok , the door is for the guest bedroom , that I'm changing into a small catuary so I can start fostering cats , maybe 2-3 at a time , or moms with kittens. If all goes well , I'll be taking the first fosters in 2 weeks.

I'm giving the bed away (just the mattress) I'll know more next week , someone might come by and pick it up. I was also looking at the base of the bed , it's an old futon wooded base , I think we can make the door by using some of this wood. and will also ask my friend about building a cat tree for the fosters.

I can't wait
Yeah!!!! I have a blind girl and a 3 legged boy (we got him through a member here - but then he had 4 legs, one broken badly that required removal). You up to it???