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Our New Pup - When an adoption from the shelter is just meant to be.

Our little girl Cleo crossed the bridge about two months ago. She developed a spinal issue and unfortunately had to be put to sleep. It was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make. Time heals all and the memories will always be with us.

Over the last couple weeks my wife Terri and I have started to check the various local shelter and rescue sites as well as local classifieds just kinda looking to see if there was another pup who would grab our attention and would benefit being a part of our happy herd. We have 5 cats of varying ages as well as an older Maltese - Abby we we adopted from our local shelter 2 years ago.

We went to the shelter when we saw small dogs that may fit our family, however when we got there, they were already adopted (yay for them!) .. While disappointing, Terri's response was simply that "it just wasn't meant to be" ... We put out feelers with rescue workers as well to let them know that we were looking and to keep an eye open for someone who would fit well with us.

Fast forward to this week. Terri went out of town to visit one of her girlfriends ... while there, they went to the local shelter .. there were a couple small dogs, a min-pin type and a little Maltese cross - or possibly a ShihTzu cross. .. The min-pin of course was front and center wanting the attention. The Maltese was calm and content to just sit back a little and see what was happening. Terri talked to the staff there to get more info of course. We found that the adoption fee was a little steep compared to what it is locally so Terri decided to think on it a little. The following day, we decided that yes she could be the one - so we called the shelter and asked them to hold her for us and we would make the normally 1 3/4 drive the next day.

Thursday rolls along - its snowing and blowing - not the greatest conditions but hey .. since when should that stop us right? Umm .. well .. it maybe should have - That 1 3/4hr trip took 3+ hours and at the end there were times we could barely see the road - but we made it to the shelter in one piece thankfully. Even the shelter staff were amazed we made it with the weather the way it was. The adoption process was painless and we had our new baby girl! The drive home was a little less nerve wracking but our new little passenger was pure delight. She watched out the windows for a while then settled in for a nice nap.

When we got home, she settled in like she has lived here all her life. No issues with the cats or with Abby - they were all nose to nose and nose to butt within the first hour with never a hiss, growl or paw thrown in anger. Our crew is pretty mellow and accepting of new family members. Molly (her new name was stretched out on the couch, belly up and napping with about an hour and a half. Come bed time, she came up to bed, snuggled her head by Terri's chin and slept the night away. No problems with her bath when we got home or trimming some of her mats. Just happy to be here. A constant by your side companion, but always willing to engage in a game of fetch when the inspiration comes.

So far -
Gets along with other animals - check
No fear of men or women - check
No behavior problems so far - check
Loves to cuddle - check
Happy to welcome you when you walk in the door - check

Molly was at the shelter as a "stray" it pains me to think that someone - for whatever reason no longer wanted her. It does however make me thankful that we can welcome her into our home. I don't think we could have asked for a better fit into our family that's for sure. My wife Terri sure knows how to pick her puppy - or better yet - for the puppy to pick her.

Molly is 3 - 4 years old and we believe she is a ShihTzu/Poodle cross.

This is a picture that we took today.
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