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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
I meant to say 'choke' collar not shock collar. OOPS ! That is a big difference.
I never call a Electronic Collar a shock collar.
Sorry Barkingdog, I was responding to FriskyPuppy who said in his/her first, and still only, post here, "Choke collars, prong collars and shock collars are downright dangerous'". I think I will agree they have a higher liklihood of being miss-used than some other collars but in and of themselves are no more dangerous than the person on the other end. I would suggest the user of all three get lessons on how to properly use them. I've seen damage done by flat collars, head halters and harnesses. The harnesses present the most damage I personally have seen, with poor little doggy underarms rubbed raw to the point of bleeding. Unfortunately any device can be used improperly by someone wanting instant control and not willing to train proper leash walking without pulling.

FWIW I entirely agree with the view of PetSmart, that it depends on which trainer you get. When I went to observe I saw absolute idiocy in attempts to teach a young dog recall. Of course I did not go there but a friend did, got a different trainer and loved her.

For all of you looking for a trainer may I suggest you check out:
You will find comparable associations for other countries in the links section.

Members have varying abitlities, strengths and methods but at least it is some assurance the trainer has some training background, is serious enough to belong to an organization with a mandate and code of ethics. The FIND a TRAINER section has some very good advice.

My own personal help in finding a trainer is to ask them what dog training theory they endorse. My favourite is Operant Conditioning. If they don't know what it is, haven't studied any dog training theory then I run the other way. The catch is, I have to know a bit about them myself. Also, if they claim to have a trainer versed in one area and a competitive background, google to see their placements in their claimed area. One international training scheme I looked into has dogs sitting on fire hydrants in their ads. The person I spoke to had never trained a dog professionally, did not know anything about theory and their trainer, claimed to be exceptionally talented and successfull in one area, had no record, let alone winnings, in any background I could dig up.

Good luck to everyone. It is hard to look for a trainer when you are a newbie and don't know what to look for. Unfortunately you must remember, it's an unregulated business and anyone can stick a shingle out and call themselves a dog trainer. On another board I go on a person took a course in how to be a dog groomer, on-line, and the lack of knowledge and wrong ideas is obvious and appalling. Now she is taking a dog training course, on-line again. Meanwhile the majority of her posts are asking for help on how to train her own dog. Caveat Emptor.
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