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Hi everyone,

My husband and I are moving to Montreal from the UK with our dog Bramley. I'm trying to work out the best area to live - we need to be fairly near downtown (half an hour or less ideally) but I'm concerned about making sure there are good places to walk our dog. I understand you have leash laws, and that dog parks often won't allow unneutered dogs. Bramley is highly energetic, and on a typical walk runs about 10 times as far as the person walking him! We don't have leash laws in the UK and I can't imagine how he'd cope with them. I have no intention of keeping him on a lead all the time (no comments please from people who disagree with me!) - I've seen from the forum that there are plenty of people in Montreal who let their dogs off lead, and I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on the nicest places to do this, either legally (preferably) or not Dog parks are fine if they will take unneutered dogs (he has no associated dominance/agression/excessive mounting behavioural problems).

Hi there,
Welcome to Montreal
I am a dog runner, I run my pack of 7 daily on Mount Royal through the woods for 1.5 hrs.
I currently have 3 from the NDG, Montreal West area whom I transport by car over to the Plateau where I pick up the rest on foot. We're a wonderful well balanced team made up of dogs of all shapes and sizes !
I'm very selective about the clients I include as they must have a solid understanding of dogs' need for exercise and stimulation and not just be looking for someone to "let Fido out around the block"
I work with a wonderful dog trainer by the name of David Dussault every Friday when he joins the pack running.
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