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I would just like to add some support to the non-crate option. While we have and do use a crate it is within a large pen or our gated kitchen. The crate door is open. As said above crates are not for long term use, though it is good to get your pup used to one for car travel or visits to the Vet.

A crate only big enough to allow an animal to stand up, turn around and lie down again would not be sufficient for most zoo regulations. My previous Vet has a theory that too long crating may be responsible for some physical and mental ailments we see in dogs these days like joint problems from inadequate movement, neuroses from boredom and being understimulated and UTI from too long between bathroom breaks.

The rule of thumb I heard most often for crating was one hour plus one hour per month of age. My personal limit is 3 hours a day, not at a time, a day.

I'm sorry, for the crying in the crate I cannot help, mine didn't do that. Perhaps because they weren't stuck in one in the first place? Some pups do need a bit of time to settle in.
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