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Originally Posted by Melei'sMom View Post
Wow for sharing those pics
really, all I can say is WOW you really put some effort into Christmas and that is just...WOW
Thank you, the hardest part was going up and down a rickety old 6' ladder, which didn't quite get me high enough, so my son held on while I stood on the very top on my tip toes, it was rather nerve wracking to be honest

Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
Absolutely beautiful.

It must take you forever though many bows are on your tree?

Good to see your son enjoying the snow .....did he make the little cave in the snow drift?
Thank you! How many bows are on the tree? Well I haven't really counted, but I can tell you it's over 1000. Maybe 1200 ish, I had to buy a lot more bows this year because I did the entire tree this year. Previous years I only had to do the front and sides because the tree was always in a corner, being it's in a bay window this year I had no choice but to decorate the entire thing.
Yes that's my son, the one that hasn't been well lately, I was very happy to see him out there enjoying the snow like he did when he was a little kid, it seemed to perk him up, he truly enjoyed himself and man it was cold that day too -30 something! He dug the cave, where the back is there is another tunnel off to the right, but I wasn't gonna go out there and crawl thru it, even tho he begged and pleaded, I'm just not that brave!

Originally Posted by ancientgirl View Post
Oh wow! I love how everything looks. I really miss decorating for Christmas:sad:
Thank you Ancientgirl, I'm glad you like it.

Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
Absolutely beautiful!! I'm not sure about the time you have available to you but, have you ever thought about window decorating for stores? What talent...and patience you have!

I neither have the imagination nor the energy to decorate like that .
Thank you! Ya know LP, I have always wanted to start up a tree decorating business, that would include interior decorating for the holidays as well. I have boxes upon boxes of ornaments for different tree looks (that I have never used!). I would love to decorate store windows too! But to be honest, I just don't know how to go about starting such a business.
I have offered to do the dealerships trees (with the owner of my husbands dealership), but he didn't show much interest, so I didn't take it any further.
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