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Yes the basket guarding is a part of French Ring. There are different competitions out there, each one tests the dogs a little differently. There's French Ring, Mondio, Shutzhund, UKC Sport Dog, Street Protection, etc. These are all what you call "bitesport". A lot of ring sport dogs (especially in Shutzhund) would never even consider biting someone without a bite sleeve on. Their target is solely the sleeve. that's why its a huge reward to them when the decoy slips the sleeve off and the dog gets to parade around with it. Basically they just won the tug-o-war game.

Personal protection and police dogs are different because they are not focused on a sleeve or a person wearing a bite suit. They are focused on the "bad guy". Part of their training is seeing if they'll flare up on someone without a bite suit on. So me wearing evry day clothes might charge up to the handler and pretend to be about to hit them but of course stay outside of the range of getting bit. I've seen footage of ill-trained police dogs who couldnt target on the bad guy because their training focused too much on the bad guy wearing a sleeve. They just wouldn't bite a person without a sleeve on. this of course made it easy for said bad guy to get away.

Yup even through the bite suit you can feel the pinch of the bite. I'm left with bruises pretty much every time LOL These guys hit with a lot of power and speed and the bite force is shocking! Working the pups is a nice break from working the veterans LOL

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