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The girl gave me a coupon for a free 3 pound package, which I just printed out after nearly killing my computer for freezing! I thought I'd lost the promotion code because of that but thankfully it allowed me to print it.

I wish I could remember the name of the other kind. She said that was what she fed her cats and it was also good. I'll use the medallions she gave me to see how they like it. I can start small. The good thing is at least they don't eat only dry, they do like canned, so maybe that's half the battle won right there.

I'm excited that they sell this at the shop. I know they have it on the online site, but I'd never seen it at the store so I'm glad I decided to stop in today. More and more I'm just so afraid of what will happen next with the pet food industry. At least with the pre packaged raw I'd like to think the standards have to be more strict since you're talking about raw food.
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