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recent diagnosis- complications

Originally Posted by growler View Post

Kidney cats do not require low protein, but high quality protein low phos food. Removing too much protein from the cats diet makes it less palatable therefore they often refuse to eat, plus cats are carnivores they need meat protein to keep their bodies functions to the fullest.

Fish should be avoided when possible especially tuna, but fed on occasion 1-2 per month is still okay. Cats often become addicted to fish and will eat nothing else and tuna especially creates an imbalance in vit e levels.

When looking at phos levels you want to convert to dry matter (meaning whats left if you remove all water) and find something as close to or lower than 1% phos dry matter.
One of my kitties was just diagnosed with renal failure last week. She also had a UTI, potential kidney infection, so I am hesitant to assume this is chronic but I'm also operating under the assumption that it is due to her age. Today she went to the vet for antibiotics (they did a culture to find out what would kill her infection,), subQ fluids and for me to get advice on hat to fee her. The vet *said* igh protein food but then handed me reduced protein food, so I'm a bit confused there. So that's my first question - her current/previous food was Horizon Legacy (dry) with 40% protein (good quality). Is this too high/low?
I understand about phosphorus and I have emailed the manufacturer to ask about it - no reply yet. However when I was out today buying food, before I realized the vet had said one thing but given me the opposite, I picked up some Go! Natural food with higher protein - I remembered about phosphorus and I am happy to report that the phosphorus levels are listed on the Go! Natural's bags. I got the fish formula - 50% protein & I think 1.2% phosphorus; its not on the website and I can't get to it right now. Assuming this is an 'as-fed' number, it will work out to less than 1% by dry matter, so is this good? I know you say fish is bad but I don't really understand why, and when we're talking about commercial food, how can that create any imbalances? At this point, I just need her to eat and know she likes fish food so that's what I got. Continuing with my thought above, is the protein level critical or is it just phosphorus? Is it better to have higher protein if the phosphorus is low? Or does it matter? I also got some Innova Evo - I don't know the phosphorus level but it is high protein (fish) too.
I also know that wet food is best, and this is where things get messy. All 3 of my girls eat from the same bowl, inside a modified dog kennel, to keep the boys out. There is no way that I can give one of them different food an I'm stubborn about it being dry food. Sierra (the crf kitty) gets 'supper' of soaked kibble with canned added so its not a problem to increase her water intake that way. So, is it ok for me to do this, in terms of water intake for her? I just can't do canned food for all of them and there is no way to only give it to her.

Any help/suggestions and/or answers to my questions is much appreciated.
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