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Originally Posted by Danson View Post
I keep digging many different infection that I can reach.
My dog's case are rare but I did found other dogs was infected by distemper share the same symptoms as Princess.
There's the possibility of chicken bones as a culprit. But I'm now convinced more likely my dog was infected by
Also thanks the comment from Dr.Kathleen , Dr.Harmon & Dr.Gaolin.

My final word is...

i) Never give your dog any chicken bones.
ii) Close and isolated area can only reduce the infection rate.
iii) Keep good communication with a good Vet.

To my beloved Princess. Thanks you all.

I read this web site that has the symptoms of distemper and it does not say anything about dogs having black stools. Sadly I believe your dog was bleeding internally. I posted the link so you would know what to look for if decides to get another dog. My dad brought home a GS female that was about a year old and the breeder sold my dad a dog that had distemper.
The poor dog dies about 4 four days later. I was so angry at the breeder!
Unfortually there are some dishonest breeders around.

My spell check it not working right so pleases excuses any misspelled words.
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