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Post Taurine is an active ingredient in Temptations and Energy Drinks

If you're wondering why your pet is seemingly addicted to temptations, it's because they are. Turn the bag over and look at the ingredients, do you see where it says "Taurine" that right there is why your cat is addicted. If you're wondering why the word Taurine sounds familiar it's because Taurine is one of the main ingredients found in energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, Nos, and others. Imagine giving your cat several energy drinks throughout the day, that's proven to be unhealthy in humans so just imagine the effect it has on your pet. In fact, Taurine is one of the reasons why recovering addicts are encouraged NOT to drink energy drinks after their recovery because they (along with those who've never suffered from addition) can develop a dependence. Taurine is actually much more addicting than caffeine or sugar, try giving up your Coke or coffee or your sweet tooth and what happens? You get headaches, you feel sick, you crave it, and why? Because it's an addictive substance, Taurine has even been compared to a modern day, legalized crack for some. Ever met someone who said they had to "give up" energy drinks? It sounds silly but do your research, taurine is highly addictive and unhealthy.

Now some may argue that "Taurine" is healthy and safe because Taurine is an amino acid found in your body (the brain and other areas) which is true HOWEVER the taurine found in your body is naturally occurring, typically post work out and is in small quantities, where as the type of taurine found in energy drinks and temptations is not naturally occurring, is much higher in quantity, and get this, it's synthesized from bull bile. Yep, a synthesized drug more addictive than caffeine and created unnaturally thanks to bull bile and labs. Is that really something you want to give to your cat?

While I am no vet, I am a nutritionist and trainer and I've seen first hand what people's addition to energy drinks looks like, including their unwillingness to give them up, and the effect it has had on their body, it's no wonder cats are addicted to these treats in my opinion. Keep in mind that heavy energy drink consumption has been linked to some deaths in humans so please be wary when considering giving these treats to your fur babies. As always, I do recommend you consult with your vet first prior to changing up your pets diet, and remember that moderation is key hope this helps!
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