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Originally Posted by lUvMyLaB<3 View Post
I would continue to try and get through to the owners about keeping them inside or at least confined to their property.. I am probably not the best person to ask, as I dealt with the same thing, but felt so bad for the cat.. My kids adopted it and played with it when it came over, we fed it and gave it an 'at our place' name... I could have sent it to the pound, where they would either pick it up and continue, the cat suffering for it, be pts, or I could have tagged it to bring into rescue, but I know the chances of it finding a home in any reasonable amount of time, spewing at the rim with cats. That is the story unfortunetly...Cats don't always stand much of a chance, and I hate that they get trapped and put in a cage waiting for death or a miracle, when we should be trapping the owners and taking them to court or at least stand them in line for some sense knocking in.. The best thing is to keep trying to see if you can get the owners to keep them inside, and hopefully they come around. stray cats, sadly, very sadly, are a fact of life... and always seem to be around. I don't let my cats out, and my dogs don't mind cats, so it really doesn't bother me, but I hate that people let them out, and wish there was a way to get through to the owner without affecting the cat, then I would participate..
I totally agree, LML. And please don't get me wrong. I also feel very bad for these cats.

When my family first moved into this house, we did try to 'make friends' with the cats, however we quickly learned that anyone that approaches either of their two cats will be hissed at and they're gone like a shot. I think he's fairly skittish as well due to the missing eye, so that makes getting close to him much more difficult. We didn't think much of their presence, until we noticed that their cats were in our yard a lot - and on the street - and under our cars - and we started having conversations with the owners. It wasn't even really until we brought home our dog that things got fairly frustrating - the black tomcat in particular would jump off the fence and stand meters in front of Bailey with her back up, tail swooshing, hissing at her, regardless of whether or not we were standing there. It made house-training rather interesting, lets just say that.

The cat that visits us from the neighbors behind us would be more than welcome, if my dogs did not get so riled up. He's very friendly and adorable, and is not the problem here - he just added to my anxiety lately because things with the other neighbors are starting to get incredibly frustrating. (AND, I quickly went upstairs to let my dogs outside and noticed that she has him on a lead and harness, both look brand new, but at least he's safe on his property now!) Talking works for some people I suppose.

I will go ahead then and drop off this information in my neighbors mailbox and wait to see what happens.
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