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Originally Posted by Larkin View Post
Hi all, I'm a new member and so I hope you all can help.

I have an orphan mouse that had eyes closed as of Sunday and is now eating, pooing, and urinating, climbing- just fine and has her eyes open pf course.

I've been feeding her every few hours with kitten formula and seems to be thriving. Here's my question, sometimes when she is drinking from the eye dropper, she seems to "choke". Her mouth is open, she twists away and she strains her head upward. It's very strange. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen and any advice? Thanks!
Maybe the hole is too wide and the mouse is getting too much milk at once. You
can buy bottles to fed small animals. I should warn you a mouse will leave a trail of urine so other mice will know where to find food . I would not let the mouse run around your house unless you want it whole famliy moving in too.

I found this utube and it show a baby mouse being feed with an artist paintbrush dipped milk.

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