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I hate to say it but back to basics. Out every 2 hours regardless of pup going or not. Have a treat handy for when she does go. Praise praise and praise again if they go...return inside. Out again in 2 hours. Once you have success extend the time frame but still reward.
You will see how quickly they learn. I would say after success limit the intake of water in the evening so that you can extend how long they hold it in the evening.
If you cant do this then they must be tied to you so that when they show signs of needing to go you can take them out immediately. Again praise so they learn its good what they did.
Also crating a dog can help as well but be sure to not allow enough room for them to go do their business on the other side of the the crate. They should have enough room to stand up turn around and lay down., anything extra can be blocked off with a laundry basket or something like that.

Hope this helps.
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