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Originally Posted by luvsmallfurries View Post
The pet store I frequent has a product, a plug in device like a room freshener, and the label says "contains felliway". My specific question is whether this is the felliway product that's been mentioned in several other threads or if there is something more appropriate that might be available only through the vet?
Does it say "Comfort Zone with Feliway"? That would be the one you're looking for. It has a couple different packaging designs, one that's mostly purple and looks like this: and another that's a bright fuscia colour and looks like this: They're both the same product.

Feliway may or may not work, depends on just how escalated the tensions are and how receptive your cats are to the pheromones. It's certainly worth a shot and even if it doesn't work for ALL the cats, it may at least help one or 2 of them to feel more at ease. My vet has Feliway diffusers in all her exam rooms and I've definitely noticed a difference in my cat's stress levels since she started using them. Supposedly it has an effect on about 60% of cats.
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