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DD, they're just GORGEOUS!!!
I'm so glad you got the dark male you wanted
I can't wait to watch them grow up. Shaun and I won't have any more puppies, so I will be living vicariously through you

As for the blue eyes, all puppies have blue eyes at that age. And DD is right, Mals don't have blue eyes. Some breeders will tell you it's a "flaw" if they do, but that isn't true either hehe. If a Mal has blue eyes, it's not a purebred. A lot of breeders will breed both Huskies and Mals, and once in awhile an "oops" will happen and they end up with blue eyes
Or there has been Husky introduced to the bloodline somewhere along the way, which could even stem from generations back.

I love them both and think you need to post many more pics, DD!!
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