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One thing I'm too aware of is the Sodium content in everything I cook, bake Or buy,
My husband was in the hospital with total liver failure and not expected to live,
He is on a very restricted sodium and protein diet,

Its not the Powdered Garlic that has sodium, it's the Garlic salt you gotta watch.
(Garlic salt, 1 teaspoon= 1480mg ~ Garlic powder, 1 teaspoon=1mg )
For Chicken bouillon I save all my liquid run of after boiling a chicken, it was just easier to type it that way.,
(You can also buy Bouillon with low sodium, unsalted 3mg vs salted of 960mg

I always did prepare my own homemade chicken soup,
Put up over 600 masons jars of goods each fall. Two freezers full, but when I married my hubby (6 yrs ago) he was a fast foods man and loved his sodium content,
I use to warn him till he'd get really annoyed with me,

Our bodies need less than 500 mg per day of sodium,
Yet every site has its versions, anywhere from 1200 to 2400,
That steams mostly from the facts that they think no ones capable of maintaining a good diet and have less,

Most cases of sodium restriction they add diuretics to aid in elimination,
My husbands diet is well balanced and he only gets approx 600mg per day. Doctors didn't believe me till his sodium count started dropping drastically, Then they listened and took him off the diuretics, (why take drugs when you can eliminate them)

Anyways Since his brush with death, Its all back to my way of thinkin, Got my deep freezers full. about 400 mason jars full,
Pretty much only thing I gotta go to grocer for is flour, sugar and stuff, and that all comes from the organic store,
I buy in bulk,

I have numeral cases of store bought soups still that i haven't given away yet, Gotta use em up some how.
Because of all this my kids are very conscious of whats in the foods they eat too.

For those perhaps unaware,
one teaspoon of salt equals about 2300mg sodium
I've run into more pet recipes then I care to remember that includes anywhere from 1/2 tsp to 4 tsp of Salt,
Totally unnecessary and far more sodium then most canned goods contain. (something to think about)

Next time you bake something, take another look at that salt your about to add.
Do you really need to add it, NOPE you don't.

You'll be amazed at everything you can exclude it from totally and still have it taste delicious.
Includes baked goods too, breads, pies, muffins, cookies, etc.
I bake for a slue of people and none could tell the difference with or without salt added.

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