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Introducing ...... Eve!

Meet Eve! She is almost two years old and is an Elf Cat! I just brought her home today, so she is still settling in. Keep your fingers crossed that she fits in here!! I am taking her to get spayed this week so hopefully once she doesn't have raging hormones she will settle in nicely.

I didn't really want to adopt anymore cats, but I really was heartbroken over Amira so the breeder that rescued her offered me one of her retired breeding/show kitties for no charge. I have to keep that hush-hush for the people that know her so people don't get jealous or something stupid.

She's very healthy and is free of all genetic diseases and whatnot So yay, for once I can have a cat that has all it's body parts, has no extra chromosomes and probably won't drop dead on me tomorrow! Having so many special needs animals has kind of beat the hell out of me, as much as I love them dearly and will always try and help the special ones, I really just needed a cat that's not falling apart.
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