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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
Thanks all!!!

DD and Hazel, Nookie is just as mischievous as he looks here

He's always getting into something. Though I think world domination would be more Montana. That's one little guy with a lot of attitude haha. He's always bossing poor, passive Nookie around... and stealing all the toys! Shaun has to hold Montana and keep him occupied so I can play fetch with Nookie. Poor Nookie just can't keep up. He's so big and clumsy, but that's a lot of what makes him so adorable

Montana is much smaller than we had originally thought he would be. He was a huge puppy... but it seems like the only thing that grew were those legs of his! He's got a very small frame, freakishly long legs and the cutest little personality. He sure has come out of his shell, and knows where he belongs now

Kirsten, Montana is the black one. As far as breed... we have no clue! So your guess is as good as ours!

He's a rescue baby
Montana is a real handsome boy! I love his fur. Both dogs are beautiful .
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