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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
LOL@this , DD.

Robyn, Montana could change a lot yet. My first cattle dog, at around 10 to 12 months looked like a cross between a cattle dog and a Greyhound, she didn't body up till later. Lovely photo's of your angels, as usual.
I hope he does bulk up a bit, he's so "gangly" haha. But if not, that's ok too... he's still 100% adorable

Originally Posted by Dee-O-Gee View Post
Always enjoy seeing picture of the boys especially Nookie and that mile long tongue!
LOL D.O.G, Shaun and I were just talking about that (and having yet another laugh at Nookie Monsters expense ). He has a HUGE tongue! The pic below is the one we were laughing at. He reminds me of Gene Simmons, from KISS

Originally Posted by Sylvie View Post
Great pictures, boy Montana is growing up too fast. Of course Nookie is the most handsome boy

Don't make us wait so long next time
LoL Sylvie... He doesn't look like he grown much to me, except growing a couple pairs of Stork legs!! I see him everyday, so I guess I don't notice it as much
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