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Dear Sue,

Queens usually have more than one kitten, having just one kitten can be normal but usually indicates that there might be a problem. (dead fetus inside uterus, 1st birth, no contractions etc..) consulting with your veterinarian is suggested.

Queens can give birth to kittens usually at intervals of 20-30 minutes and sometimes up to an hour. Between births the female is resting and taking care of the new born. This is all normal as long as the Queen is not straining or having continuous contractions with no sign of babies.

If your Queen shows signs of a difficult labour, this is an emergency and you should see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Male cats should not be kept with the mother during labour or afterwards. Male cats that have not been neutered can be quite dominant, distracting and dangerous for the new borns. It is not uncommon for males to kill newborns so that they can mate with the female. Also, your female will go back into heat in a few weeks and could get pregnant again!

This would be the perfect time to have your male fixed! He will be a good helper with the kitties afterwards.

Chantale Robinson AHT. Bs.
Holistic Veterinary Clinic
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